Sudhut Status

SudHut ao posted Jan 28, 18

So far the server is doing very well, and we are all very thankful to you guys for helping make the server as great as it is! Not much else of note to announce, but CallumJSlaney and EuphoricCat are making great progress on the playershop build, so expect that out in a few weeks! Many thanks from the entirety of the staff team!


Week One

SudHut ao posted Jan 11, 18

We're done with week 1 of uptime, what did we manage to get done? We have voting on all our applicable voting sites for our users to vote on. We're going to be keeping track of the top monthly voters and there will be prizes, staff are excluded from this comeptition. We've setup a dns our current ip for the server is So if you're connecting with the beta ip please update to the new one because the old one will not be able to connect eventually. Other than a lot of technical mumbo jumbo we've seen a lot of new faces show up on the server and that's fantastic. I hope you're all having fun and I look forward to continue growing the server and playing with all of you!


Welcome Everyone!

SudHut ao posted Jan 5, 18

Hello everyone! We are pleased to welcome you to SudHut. Many of you may know this is our first day of uptime and we're very excited and motivated to make this the best experience for you! Right now the staff team is working very hard to get the server into a operational state, and I hope you will be patient with us through the journey of doing so. We are always open to suggestions and feedback so i encourage you to post anything that you think would be a great addition to the server.

We will keep you guys up to date with the progression of the server as it is made.

~~Thank you,

Sudhut Staff

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