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ItsVitalis' Staff Application.

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Minecraft Username: ItsVitalis

Real Life First Name: Kevin

Age: 19

Timezone: U.S. Central

How long have you been playing minecraft?: I began to play minecraft in 2011, I stopped for a few after the 1.6 update and came back during 1.10, and continue to play.

How long have you been playing SudHut?: I began to play on January 25, 2018.

Screenshot of rankcheck: 2010/7000 (Will be an attached image below)

Why are you interested in a becoming a member of our staff?: I show interest in becoming a staff member for SudHut because I know this server to be one of the best ive encountered in a while, I believe it can achieve greatness and I want to help, I want to have the responsibility of helping players, keeping the community friendly, and ensuring its success with hopes that it will thrive. Saying that, I came from a great server, until it grew corrupt. I do not wish that upon any server and have hopes of ensuring that wont happen here between any staff member or players.

What special abilitity's of personality quality's do you have that make you different?: I am a very socially outgoing person that can help keep the community alive , I have admined servers for years and know how to handle many situations for the server and I also know how to work many plugins.

A player joins the server, is being disruptive breaking a few rules but nothing too serious, he then starts messaging in others private players being very vulgar and rude. What is your response as a member of our staff team?: Well, If a player happens to be breaking and abusing the rules to their way of seeing, I would warn them twice at best, and then if they continue I will mute them for the necessary amount of time or temporarily ban them if and only if its called for.

That's all I have, hope you take serious consideration and time on this application. I will always be here to help regardless of being denied, this is indeed one of the best servers out there.

Edit: I am currently unable to send a photo showing my current rank status due to a computer error, however if possible I would like it to be checked in game. I am ranked Apprentice with 2 thousand current xp points. My username is ItsVitalis. Thank you for reading
Posted Jan 28, 18 · OP
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//accepted welcome to staff
Posted Feb 6, 18