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ZacuXDMG's SudHut Application

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MineCraft Name: ZacuXDMG

Irl first name: Jacob (my Whole name is Jacob Rene Aquino but most just call me Jake) At work they call me Harry Potter or Wolverine

Age: 22 going on to be 23, i feel old

Timezone: PST - Im located in Anaheim CA Speciffically

How long have you been playing MineCraft?: I believe it was 1.3 when i started and the first update i remember seeing they added beacons and that was in 1.4 i believe.

How long have you been playing SudHut?: I believe i've been playing since week 2

Screen shot of /rankcheck: 1,696/18000

Why are you interested in becoming a member of our Staff?: I really want to do as much as i can to help the server grow, i know it has a lot of potential especially with the staff it has now. I've seen how its been run before by this current team and damn was it run well a year or so ago. I feel like i have enough general knowledge of plugins and game mechanics but i also want to work along side those who know more so that i can learn and grow myself. i am looking forward to the future of sudhut and i cant wait to see what happens.

What special ability's or personality quality's do you have that make you different?: As far as special abilities go i believe im good at building walls and buildings, i'm currently trying to get better at 3D Pixel art. I have a particular style i am accustomed to but i am also always trying out new and different designs when i can. no build i do is EXACTLY the same it may be similar but i have a hard time copying something block for block. (Im going to attatch a scgenatic of an old build, you can use to view it) I also have a general knowledge of most server used plugins such as Essentials, Core Protect, World Edit, Holographic Displays, Chest Shop, (Some of) Jobs, and Griefprevention. I do lack in other plugins but i am always willing to learn and improve. I do have a VERY basic knowledge of command blocks and i really would like to know more about them one day.

A player joins the server, is being disruptive breaking a few rules but nothing too serious, he then starts messaging in private other players being very vulgar and rude. What is your response as a member of our staff team? Generally i try to not make any drastic decisions myself. I will ask them to please stop but if the problem persists ill get whatever information i need (username and IP) and forward screenshots of chat and said information to the staff discord and see what everyone else thinks is appropriate as well. In the meantime i COULD mute or jail if really needed but any other major decisions should be in my opinion made as a team.
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//accepted welcome to staff
Posted Feb 6, 18