Irl first name: Matthew
Age: 26
Why do you want to be a member of staff: I don't see a whole lot of staff on and I would like to be helping out, Knowing I have expierence of being a Staff member before.
Timezone: UTC +1/UTC +0. I am online for a few hours.
How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since I was 13 at around 2005.
How long have you been playing Sudhut: I have been playing for a few months now.
What is your qualitys of your personality: Well I feel I am a good listener, I can sstand my ground, and i can keep my cool when in a worst case senario.
A player joins the server, is being disruptive breaking a few rules but nothing too serious, he then starts messaging in private other players being very vulgar and rude. What is your response as a member of our staff team?: I would warn him and show him the wall of rules. If he were to continue he would be temporarily banned. If he were coming back and did it once more I would most likely ban him.

Thanks for reading my staff application! - The_Endless_King